Specific Benefits of LED Lighting in Retail

‘Good retail store lighting is essential for creating a positive in-store experience and driving sales. It influences the way shoppers perceive items and determines how quickly shoppers move throughout the store.

It also has a direct effect on the overall ambience and atmosphere of the store, making it more inviting and comfortable for customers. With the right lighting, a retail store appears larger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Retail lighting is also a way to create an environment that reflects the brand of the store, expressing its style and setting it apart from the competition’. 


LED Lighting in retail stores delivers a variety of benefits – to the operation, to the staff and to the display of produce. It reduces costs, improves sales and increases customer service levels.

The light colour (measured in CCT) is precise, Colour Rendering (which shows objects in their true colour) is high, Uniformity (lack of shadowing) is high, whilst Glare is low.

Benefits to Employees

LED is proven to deliver “human centric” benefits, positively affecting our:

  • Circadian Rythms
  • Mood
  • Visual Acuity
  • Productivity and Performance

A properly functioning circadian rhythm will maximise production of Vitamin D, serotonin and dopamine at midday.

In terms of health, LED is the best light source other than the sun.

Employees who work in such environments, whose mood, productivity and performance is high are much likelier to provide a much higher level of customer service as a result.

Benefits to Sales

The red, the blue and the green (whether clothing or crisp packets) all look true red, true blue, true green and the contrast is more vivid. The impact is to make the produce more appealing in the customer’s eye.

The very high colour rendering (CRI) ensures that produce on display is at its most attractive best maximising the sales opportunity.

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