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At Intelect Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing a full LED lighting service, taking a project from its initial survey stage through to final installation. 

After a thorough analysis of your premises, we produce a design for your new lighting solution, showing light levels, uniformity and the UGR to be delivered.

Lighting design software

After the initial survey, we use information gathered by our specialists to recreate the site’s lighting situation in a digital format using our lighting design software. 

The lighting designs we produce are created in Relux or Dialux software. 

For external lighting, we also use Reality. 

The idea behind this is to create what we see as essentially being an electronic version of your application. 

We like to call this ‘the lighting scene’. 

It helps everyone involved to visualise the existing lighting scene, to understand the parameters we’re working with, and to establish lighting goals. 

Importantly, we insert any obstructions into the scene, such as racking, shelving, machinery or partitions that may affect the distribution of light. 

This gives us as accurate a picture as possible from the information we gathered.

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Simulating the lighting environment

After creating a digital lighting scene using our specialised software, we then take things to the next stage of the design process. 

This involves our engineers using the scene we’ve established to simulate potential lighting environments.  

To do this, we insert an electronic version of the luminaires to simulate that environment. 

The electronic luminaire is created in a .ldt or .ies file, before being inserted into the lighting scene. 

The files are initially created using data collected in the survey from a photogoniometer. 

This measures important lighting stats, including CCT (colour temperature of the luminaire), lumen output, wattage, UGR values (unified glare rating), and polar plot (the distribution of the light coming from the fitting).

Inserted into the lighting scene, this information allows us to simulate the lighting environments. This provides us with an invaluable tool to help us expand the designs in more detail, as we create proposals for your new lighting environment.

Multiple Simulations

In this stage of the lighting design phase, we always ensure that our specialists produce multiple simulations. 

This allows us to create more than one lighting design that enables us to optimise our later proposals. 

With several simulations creating multiple lighting scenes, we can ensure that we deliver the best solution for a given application, which is compliant to your specifications and produced in the most energy-efficient manner possible.


Presenting the lighting designs

Our work produces highly detailed and accurate lighting designs that ultimately allow us to install excellent lighting systems on your site. 

We understand this data isn’t always easy to understand, so we strive to present the lighting designs we produce in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-digest format.

Our applications engineers will break the lighting designs down into individual areas, and explain different requirements and processes. 

This helps everyone involved to further understand the information we’ve surveyed, and the results gained from the lighting designs. 

Our engineers and specialists are always on hand to answer any questions you might have at any point in the lighting design process. 

All our emergency lighting schemes are designed in accordance with BS5266.

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From design to installation

After the lighting design phase of the project is complete, our team will use the results to create detailed lighting models that suit your requirements. 

We present these to you as part of our detailed proposals which break everything down, including projected costs, before we move on to the all-important installation phase. 


LED Lighting Specialists

Intelect Lighting is a trusted supplier of high quality LED lighting products for business and industry throughout the North West and rest of the UK. 

We survey, produce lighting designs, supply, install, and commission LED lighting.

Contact Intelect Lighting today and speak with our LED lighting specialists to discuss your lighting project and find out how we can help you with your lighting needs. 

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