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At Intelect Lighting, we pride ourselves on providing a full LED lighting service, taking your project from its initial survey stage through to installation. 

Each project starts with a detailed survey of the site during which our lighting engineers collect the necessary information and data that permits us to produce a detailed lighting design and proposal. 

Once a client is satisfied, our team work tirelessly to put those carefully-made plans into action, when we enter the installation phase.

Your business out our primary concern throughout.



That is when we install the lighting solution on-site, optimising the lighting conditions, before following up with final health and safety checks and all legal documentation.

We understand that, for many businesses, downtime isn’t an option. 

So for your LED installation project, our skilled installers can work during times that suit you to keep disruption to a minimum. 

To give you a more thorough understanding of the installation phase of a project, and what it entails, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Order confirmation

The lighting installation phase only begins once you’ve confirmed the order, based on the detailed proposals of work to be carried out. 

We ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the design specifications, and projected outcome, before we commence installation. 

Once those have been approved, we agree on the order in which you want work to be carried out.

This is important, because we try to minimise disruption at your workplace while lights are installed. 

If you have any specific requirements, access restrictions, or other considerations relating to this phase, we accommodate those in the schedule. 

The programme of work

With a timeline agreed upon, we issue a formal programme of works to document it in writing. This allows you to keep your staff informed of changes and any disruption that might arise to their work schedule.

Alongside this, we also issue a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS), which you can keep for your company records.

Regular updates

We monitor the progress daily during the installation phase of a project, and we’re able to provide you with regular updates on. 

While we can provide daily reviews if required, we often find our clients prefer them at more appropriate intervals to avoid unnecessary delay. 


Disposal of old infrastructure

As part of the installation phase, we are able to dispose of your old fixtures and ballasts, once they’ve been removed or replaced in line with the new lighting design.

This is an optional service, and we carry it out in accordance with WEEE regulations and health and safety guidelines. 

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Validation and optimisation

Once the new lighting has been installed, our application engineers complete the process by taking detailed light readings. 

The light readings and measurements are matched to the initial light designs created using our software during the lighting design phase of the project. 

We optimise the new installation and validate the readings with the expected results, to ensure that the reality match your expectations when you agreed to the project. 

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Full documentation

Once we have installed the completed lighting system, we carry out thorough checks to ensure that it’s health and safety compliant and fully optimised.

At the same time, we prepare detailed documentation that we issue at the end of the project, to signify its completion. 

We provide you with important documents such as RAMS, electrical test certification and WEEE certification.

We also issue a warranty statement, and our team are happy to answer any questions you might have with any aspect of the project, before we wrap things up. 

In addition, we like to provide full details of the project as a whole. 

We supply documents detailing the initial survey, the lighting design and the work programme, for full transparency.

At the end of the installation phase, feel free to ask our engineers any questions you may have.

Our team will remain at your service further down the line, should any queries arise at a later date.

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Intelect Lighting is a trusted supplier of high quality LED lighting products for business and industry throughout the North West and rest of the UK. 

We survey, produce lighting designs, supply, install, and commission LED lighting.

Contact Intelect Lighting today and speak with our LED lighting specialists to discuss your lighting project and find out how we can help you with your lighting needs. 

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