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Intelect Lighting takes great pride in providing a full LED lighting service that takes your project from an initial survey stage through to final installation. 

We provide the lighting results your business needs with a smooth, efficient and tested process. 

After the survey and design stages are complete, we submit a comprehensive proposal for your consideration. 

It details existing luminaires, proposed replacement ones, energy-saving potential, project costs and payback periods, ROI, finance options and ECA, product lifetime, warranty and any other relevant information. 

Once all parties are happy, we get to work with the installation.

Inclusions in the proposal

Our team endeavours to ensure that all the proposals we produce are not only detailed and informative, but also easily digestible. 

If at any point you’re unclear about the wording or meaning in the proposal, our team is happy to explain the detail in more depth and make amendments where necessary.  

We split our proposals into two main sections: 

  1. The first is an executive summary that details the existing lighting infrastructure, how we propose to change it, and the benefits from doing so. 
  2. The second section is a detailed report showing how we came to the conclusions presented in the executive summary.

Let’s look at those segments in greater detail.

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Executive summary

The executive summary portion of the proposal will include detailed information on the following important aspects of the lighting project:

  • An overview of existing lighting costs. These costs are based on power consumption, operating hours and the price your company currently pays for electricity.
  • An equivalent overview that relates to the proposed lighting design. We provide a detailed breakdown of the costs you should expect to see under the new lighting scheme, based on the same parameters (for example, whether the new design will cost you more or less in running charges).
  • A detailed overview of the existing light quality (this includes light levels and uniformity, and any other important measures).
  • An equivalent overview of the proposed lighting quality to be expected after installation.
  • A detailed breakdown of the expected energy savings and financial savings based on the new installation. 
  •  A breakdown of the total cost of the project and payback terms.
  • A detailed ROI (return on investment).
  • A warranty statement for the proposed work once completed.

Detailed reporting

The second section of the proposal will focus on providing a detailed analysis that demonstrates how the above information was derived, based on the evidence and data collected in earlier stages of the survey and design process. This detailed report will include the following:

  • Survey information that details the existing lighting inventory, luminaire power consumption and lighting performance. 
  • Lighting design and calculations detailing the proposed luminaires, power consumption and lighting performances that we expect to be achieved.  
  • Comparative tables that show both the existing and proposed luminaires.
  • Detailed energy savings calculations (KWh and CO2).
  • Detailed financial savings calculations. These will include immediate savings and projected savings over the warranty period and the expected product lifetime.
  • A detailed breakdown of the total project costs.
  • Breakdown of payback and ROI calculations.
  • Luminaire technical data sheets.
  • Warranty statement.

Any further information that our team feels is either relevant, or in need of your consideration, will also be included.


From Site Survey through to Proposals and Installation

Our team is proud to be able to take your lighting design project through every stage, from start to finish. 

After an initial site survey during which we collect all the necessary data and measurements for the design process, we produce detailed lighting design models to help you visualise the finished project. 

After submitting and finalising proposals for the plans to be carried out, we continue through to the final installation phase. 

This is where our engineers put the proposal into action and carry out all the physical work necessary to bring the target lighting design to life. 

Our experts are there at every stage to ensure the project is completed quickly, efficiently, and with as little disturbance and disruption as possible. 


LED Lighting Specialists

Intelect Lighting is a trusted supplier of high quality LED lighting products for business and industry throughout the North West and rest of the UK. 

We survey, produce lighting designs, supply, install, and commission LED lighting.

Contact Intelect Lighting today and speak with our LED lighting specialists to discuss your lighting project and find out how we can help you with your lighting needs. 

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