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Warehouse LED lighting installations provide commercial properties and businesses with the opportunity to become environmentally friendly and energy efficient, while providing warehouse employees with a well-lit and safe place to work.


We know that LED lighting is the future, and we’ve installed quality warehouse LED lighting in multiple locations, which have led to direct cost savings


As one of the earliest adopters of LED lighting, we have years of experience installing LED lighting infrastructure that’s been specifically optimised for warehouses within the industrial market. 


Our wide range of LED lighting products are perfectly suited to brighten up warehouses. We can guarantee that our lighting designs will lower energy consumption and save on your business’s running costs.

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What Is Warehouse LED Lighting?

Warehouse LED lighting is composed of LED-based lighting infrastructure specifically designed to efficiently light up large industrial spaces, such as warehouses.

LED lighting systems designed for warehouses primarily include light emitting diodes, technology that emits light when an electric current passes through a semi-conductor. 

Warehouse LED lighting is designed to withstand the rigours and tests of industry. It offers bright, yet efficient lighting that can be run continuously. The goal of warehouse LEDs is to create a safe, brightly lit working environment for the most efficient setup and running costs. 

In comparison to traditional incandescent lighting, LED lighting brings brighter lighting to dark, dimly lit warehouses, helping employees to avoid warehouse accidents and to work in a much safer area.


What Are the Benefits of Warehouse LED Lighting?

There is a huge range of benefits to installing LED lighting in a warehouse, and in many other industrial settings too. LED lighting not only meets the standard lighting requirements within an industrial workplace, but very often exceeds it. 

  • LED lighting is extremely resilient, robust and durable. LED lights can often last up to 20 years without needing replacement, making them perfect for a warehouse setting.
  • Warehouse LED lighting is incredibly energy-efficient, especially in comparison to traditional lighting methods. Warehouse LEDs can easily reduce your energy usage by a massive 85%.


  • The energy savings are translated into financial savings too. A warehouse will quickly see its running costs drop. LED lighting also offers lower repair and maintenance costs, compared to traditional lighting.


  • LED lighting is designed for constant use, ensuring that it can keep a warehouse lit through the day and night to allow for continual operations.


  • Installing LED lighting lowers a warehouse’s carbon footprint, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace.


  • LED lighting is suitable for use both inside and outside a warehouse, and can be used to light up the workplace, offices, car parks, and more.

What Do We Do as Warehouse LED Lighting Specialists?

Intelect Lighting has years of experience designing, installing and maintaining LED lighting systems for warehouses. Our professional team has experience across a wide range of industries and can work with your business to create the perfect lighting solution. 

Our well-established, detailed process takes the following steps, as we see lighting projects through from start to finish:

  1. Our engineers conduct a thorough and detailed survey of your warehouse. They identify existing fixtures, while also taking measurements and collecting data concerning available space and lighting levels. 
  2. Next we create a lighting design, which uses the information and data collected by the engineers to produce an electronic design of the proposed new LED lighting layout in your warehouse.
  3. We then provide you with our detailed plans and proposals for the new lighting system, including information on projected energy saving costs.
  4. Once both parties agree the details, our engineers move into the warehouse, working to a schedule that suits your business, in order to install the new LED system.

Warehouse LED lighting systems come with a detailed warranty. We also offer financial purchase plans that allow you to spread the cost of the new installation out over time, making a new warehouse LED lighting system an attractive investment for long-term financial savings.

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