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We are a trusted supplier of highquality LED lighting products for business and industry throughout the North West and UK. We survey, produce lighting designs, supply, install and commission LED Lighting

Our site survey involves measuring every factor relevant to lighting levels – including any obstructions to light distribution, fitting heights, types, numbers of fittings, room dimensions and existing light levels.

We provide “hands on” project management, supporting businesses in the Logistics, Warehousing and Manufacturing sectors who may be thinking about change

From the survey we will produce a lighting design for your project, showing light levels, uniformity & UGR to be delivered. The Design will include any emergency lighting and any lighting controls to be incorporated.

The design will meet the exact requirements of your application and HSE regulations

You will then receive from us a comprehensive proposal detailing existing luminaires, proposed replacement luminaires, energy savings, project costs & payback period, ROI, Finance options and ECA,product lifetime and warranty.

We know that for many businesses downtime isn’t an option. So, for your LED installation project, our skilled installers work during times to suit the business without disruption.

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Site Survey

Our team use handheld electronic measuring devices (lux meters, laser measures) to take and record readings of:

  • fixture suspension heights
  • distance between fixtures
  • room dimensions
  • light levels at an appropriate number of points across the area(s)

Drawings will be created and the above measures plotted on to the drawings

  • any obstructions to light will be identified and recorded

The operations being performed will be assessed and appropriate lighting considerations defined (lux levels, Uniformity, UGR)

  • any specific task lighting will be identified and defined
  • emergency lighting will be identified and defined

All existing lighting fixtures will be identified, noted and recorded (power consumption, fixture types and sizes)

Please note; we have surveyed hundreds of facilities of all types and sizes from hospitals to busy offices and 24/7 “Just in Time” manufacturing sites.

Our surveys are unobtrusive and will create no disruption or disturbance to your operations. It is of great help (though not essential) for us to take photographs of the existing luminaires and any obstructions. Our surveyors will ask permission to take photographs.

Lighting Design

We take information from the survey and recreate this in lighting design software. The lighting designs are produced in Relux or Dialux software (or Reality for external lighting).

Essentially, in completing the above, we create an electronic version of your application – “the lighting scene”. We insert any obstructions such as; racking, shelving, machinery, partitions etc that may affect the distribution of light.

Once the lighting scene has been created, we insert an electronic version of the luminaires and simulate the lighting environment. The electronic version of the luminaire is a .ldt or .ies file. This file is created using a photogoniometer and measures the CCT (colour temperature of the luminaire), lumen output, wattage, UGR values and polar plot (the distribution of the light coming from the fitting). 
We invariably simulate various lighting designs to ensure we deliver the best solution for a given application that is compliant to specification in the most energy efficient scheme possible.

The information from the lighting scheme is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and broken into individual areas, though our applications engineers will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

All emergency lighting schemes are designed in accordance with BS5266


Our proposals for your lighting upgrade will include:

Executive summary

    • Overview of existing lighting costs based on power consumption, operating hours and price paid for electricity.
    • An equivalent overview relating to the proposed lighting costs (based on the same parameters).
    • Overview of the existing light quality (light levels and uniformity).
    • An equivalent overview of the proposed lighting quality.
    • Energy and financial savings.
    • Project costs, payback and return on investment (ROI).
    • Rental / lease purchase quotation.
    • Warranty statement.

Detailed reports showing how each of the above were derived

  • Survey information detailing existing inventory, luminaire power consumption and lighting performance.
  • Lighting design and calculations detailing proposed luminaires, power consumption and lighting performance.
  • Comparative tables showing existing and proposed luminaires.
  • Energy savings calculations (KWh and CO2).
  • Financial savings calculations immediate and projected over warranty period and product lifetime.
  • Project costs breakdown.
  • Payback and ROI calculations.
  • Luminaire technical datasheets.
  • Warranty statement.
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Should you wish us to install the lighting, we will immediately upon receipt of your instructions:

  • Agree with you the order in which you want the works completed, any access restrictions or other specific considerations.
  • Then issue for your agreement, the programme of works. We will also issue risk assessment and method statement (RAMS) for your records.
  • Monitor progress daily and provide you with updates at appropriate intervals.
  • Dispose of your old fixtures and ballasts in accordance with WEEE regulations on your behalf should you wish us to do so.
  • On completion, our applications engineers will take light readings and validate these with the lighting design.
  • On conclusion we will issue a full set of documentation including survey, lighting design, programme, RAMS, electrical test certification, WEEE certification and warranty statement.



Intelect Lighting partners with Bispham Gate Business Solutions a complete range of services.

Bispham Gate have ability in all areas of Logistics and Supply Chain management, Project Management, Change Mananagent and Operational Excellence. It has Leadership experience that can work at board level or just simply supporting delivery teams

It has expertise in the following key areas:

• Senior management – A proven leadership team that will collaborate with you personally to define and help your business grow. Whatever the challenge!
• Transformational Change – Present situations and high street changes have driven business into change areas, that they may have experience in managing but may need support in managing change.
• Operational solutions – one example being an in-depth understanding E-commerce and its impact to retail new world
• Operations Excellence and Project Delivery – a 14-point business change methodology that will focus on improving – Organisational, Performance Excellence, Customer Growth & engagement.

For more information go to:


Cash Positive Lease
Finance Arrangements

The energy savings offset the finance payments and future electricity bills so that the new equipment not only pays for itself but generates surplus cash.

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