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Industrial outdoor LED lighting

LED lighting offers businesses and commercial properties high quality lighting infrastructure that saves energy and money in the long run. 


Seen as the future of lighting, LED lights can be used to meet a variety of needs and to provide a range of lighting solutions. One area where LED lighting is particularly efficient is outdoors. 


Outdoor LED lighting is designed to be long lasting, weatherproof and robust. It provides bright light in a range of colours that safely illuminates outdoor areas for a long period of time. 


Outdoor LED lighting is found in car parks, football stadiums, and many other outdoor locations, where it creates a bright, safe and secure environment. 


Intelect Lighting was one of the earliest adopters of LED lighting technology for outdoor use. We have years of experience designing and installing outdoor LED lighting systems that provide efficient lighting solutions.

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What Is Outdoor LED Lighting & Where Can It Be Installed?

Outdoor LED lighting is specifically designed and manufactured for outdoor use.

LED lights, or light emitting diodes, emit light when electricity is passed through a semiconductor. They have a wide range of benefits compared to traditional lighting infrastructure when deployed in an outdoor environment.

In an outdoor capacity, LED lights offer a robust, weatherproof lighting solution that provides bright light in a range of colours. LED lights are energy-efficient and provide instant bright light, which allows them to create safe and brightly lit outdoor areas, that can be illuminated all night long.

Outdoor LED lighting has a range of benefits over traditional lighting systems. For that reason, it’s highly practical for a range of outdoor locations, including the following:

  • Security lights outside offices, warehouses, or factories.
  • Security and safety lights in car parks, both small and large.
  • Illumination for football pitches, outdoor stadiums, and other sporting arenas that need to be lit up at night.
  • Airports often use large-scale LED lighting systems to keep outdoor areas, such as runways, brightly illuminated all night. 
  • Outdoor LED lights can be utilised in many similar capacities and locations, such as train stations, retail complexes, and outside personal homes and properties.


What Are the Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting?

Outdoor LED lighting has an array of benefits over more traditional lighting systems:

  • Outdoor LED lighting is weatherproof, hardwearing and robust. It often lasts as long as 20 years before it needs replacing. 
  • Outdoor LED lighting is energy efficient. It can be up to 85% more energy-efficient than conventional lighting, ensuring that financial savings can be substantial over a period of time.
  • Outdoor LED lights can lower your carbon footprint, offering reduced energy consumption that’s more sustainable than traditional light bulbs.   
  • Improved, brighter lighting for a sustained period of time.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.
  • Outdoor LED lighting systems can be designed for a range of outdoor uses. It can be produced in various sizes and colours for both personal and industrial needs.

What Do We Do as Outdoor LED Lighting specialists?

Intelect Lighting designs and installs energy-efficient LED lighting systems for outdoor usage in a range of locations, and across a variety of different industries.  

Our expert team can provide outdoor LED lighting solutions to meet all requirements. Lighting systems come with warranties and can be purchased with the help of financial plans. Our detailed process takes a project from the initial survey stage right through to installation.

  1. Our lighting engineers conduct a detailed survey of your outdoor site, identifying existing lighting fixtures and taking measurements of available space and lighting levels.
  2. We create a lighting design using information from the initial survey to produce a detailed electronic application of the proposed new lighting system. 
  3. We present you with a detailed proposal that’s been personally designed to meet your outdoor area’s requirements, including projected energy and cost savings.
  4. We install the new outdoor lighting system, fitting this around your work schedule.

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