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Intelect Lighting provides a full LED lighting service to take your project from start to finish. 

Our professional lighting specialists will be on hand, from an initial site survey through to the final installation, to ensure you get the results you need for your business.

Initial Readings and Measurements

The first stage of a project is typically a site survey

We measure all factors that are relevant to lighting levels and uniformity, including:

  • Light distribution
  • Fitting heights
  • Types and numbers of fittings
  • Room dimensions  
  • Existing light levels
We also count and record the existing fitting types and numbers. The readings and measurements we take form an integral part of the design and modelling process later in the project.

In many ways, the site survey will often prove to be the most important stage in the entire process. 

Our professional staff conduct the survey without causing unnecessary disruption at your site.

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Our focus

Our team of experienced lighting surveyors will use handheld electronic measuring devices in the survey stage to collect the fully accurate data this being vital to the quality of the design. 

We measure any obstructions to light distribution, fitting heights, types and numbers of fittings, room dimensions and existing light levels. 

In addition to recording data for height of fixture suspensions,  distance between fixtures, physical dimensions of the room , Light level and the dimensions of obstructions we examine:

  • Reflectances
  • ambient levels
  • Task areas / heights 
  • Nature of operations being performed
  • Existing wiring containment


We produce hand drawn, scaled drawings on site, as the survey is being undertaken.

Subsequently, these will be converted into design software


Lighting Considerations Are Defined

At this stage, we take the opportunity to assess the operations that need to be performed in order to achieve the desired lighting goals in any given area. 

We will define the appropriate specification to be achieved for the application. Unless specified other by the client, we will always design to CIBSE standards and BSE5266 for emergency lighting.


Unobtrusive Surveys

Our initial site surveys are thorough and comprehensive, but we also pride ourselves on performing these vital tasks in an unobtrusive manner. 

We work in a manner that ensures we fit into your schedule  as not to disrupt your operations. 

We won’t create disruptions or disturbances. If having photographs helps at the design stage, our surveyors will always ask permission before taking pictures. 

Our unobtrusive methods have helped us to survey hundreds of facilities of all types and sizes, from hospitals to busy offices and 24/7 ‘just in time’ manufacturing sites.  

Our team are not only experienced; we’re adaptable too. 


From Site Survey to Installation

Once the site survey has been completed, we will produce a lighting design and detailed proposals for the client comprehensive.

Our expert team will be right beside you through every stage, to ensure the project is completed with efficiency and the utmost attention.

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LED Lighting Specialists

Intelect Lighting is a trusted supplier of high quality LED lighting products for business and industry throughout the North West and rest of the UK. 

We survey, produce lighting designs, supply, install, and commission LED lighting.

Contact Intelect Lighting today and speak with our LED lighting specialists to discuss your lighting project and find out how we can help you with your lighting needs. 

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