Can better lighting improve productivity at work?

Can better lighting improve productivity at work?

November 2020

Happy and healthy employees are productive ones, and lighting plays a key part in our wellbeing.

Natural light is the most beneficial type of light.

However, with most of us forced to spend most of our time indoors, high-quality artificial lighting that is as close to natural light is the next best thing.

By “as close” we mean in light level, colour and colour rendering index (CRI). Of course, natural light changes in levels and colour during the day; in the morning it will be a warm colour (2500 to 3500 kelvin) rising to typically 4500 to 5500 mid-afternoon and then the reverse into late afternoon & evening. CRI means how close any object looks to its true colour under a light source (which is represented by a number). The higher the CRI number, the closer to their true colours they will be.

The “right” light level, colour and CRI will vary with the application (and you should consult with us for guidance on how to specify the lighting).

Once you have produced the specification, high quality LED lighting will deliver precisely the levels, uniformity, colour and CRI.

Good quality LED lighting is proven to deliver “human centric” benefits, positively affecting our:

  • Circadium Rythms*
  • Mood
  • Visual Acuity
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Perception

As a result, people feel more motivated and less tired than they have under ‘traditional’ lighting. There are other specific benefits which contribute to productivity too. For those doing precision work or inspecting product for example, do so much more effectively and efficiently.

There are then a whole range of “spin off” benefits. Those working at night always report that it is “like working during the day”. It prevents SAD disorder, greatly reduces migraines typically associated with fluorescent lights. 

*A properly functioning circadian rhythm will maximise production of serotonin and dopamine at midday.

Serotonin is a chemical that has a wide variety of functions in the human body. It is sometimes called the happy chemical, because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. It is mainly found in the brain, bowels, and blood platelets.Dopamine is a chemical found naturally in the human body. It is a neurotransmitter, meaning it sends signals from the body to the brain. Dopamine plays a part in controlling the movements a person makes, as well as their emotional responses. The right balance of dopamine is vital for both physical and mental wellbeing.

What is good lighting design?

LED lights are now widely used in homes and commercial premises, so you may be surprised to learn they haven’t been around long.

To help create a well-lit environment, we first must understand the difference between good and bad lighting.
The key characteristics of good lighting are:

  • Well distributed
  • A combination of mood and task lighting
  • Enough lighting
  • Good contrast levels
  • No flickering
  • No glare, and not too harsh
  • Flexibility
  • Maximises natural light
  • Energy efficient

How does good lighting create a more productive workforce?

An attractive, comfortable, and well-lit work environment helps create a more productive workforce in many ways 

They include:

Improved focus and concentration

When working in an environment that is lit appropriately, employees tend to make fewer mistakes and work more efficiently.
Dimly-lit spaces risks leaving them feeling fatigued and lacking in energy.
Strike the right balance with your lighting to help employees feel alert, energised and inspired.

Happier and healthier employees

Providing good lighting in the workplace can make a significant contribution to employee health and wellbeing.
The lighting in your workspace can affect both your employees’ mental and physical health.
Studies have linked poor lighting to an increased risk of suffering:

  •  Eyestrain
  •  Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Disrupted sleep
  • Reduced job satisfaction

Employees that feel looked after and valued at work are generally happier and more satisfied in their jobs.
If they are inspired, they’re likely to achieve more.

Safer work environment

Good lighting is important for creating a safe work environment.
A safe space is likely to run smoothly, helping employees to work quicker and more efficiently.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for lighting in the workplace.
The most appropriate solution for your space depends on the building’s design, the operations being performed and the atmosphere you wish to create.

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