Are LED lights brighter than other types of bulb?

Are LED lights "brighter" than other types of bulb?

February 2021

LED lights are said to be brighter than other types of bulb. Let’s explore...

Technically, “brightness” is not actually a measure. It is a perception… “does that look bright enough to you?” The measure is light intensity,  calculated in lux with a lux meter.

LEDS are, however, often said to be brighter than other types of bulb and we understand what you mean., so we will use the term for ease of understanding

What are lumens?

Lumens measure the amount of visible light.


Which type of light is brightest?

When compared to other types of lighting product, LED lights are the most energy efficient and offer a brighter light for the same wattage.

Good quality LED fixtures now output around 170 lumens per watt; a  fluorescent puts out around 110. 

However, that’s just part of the story!

The lumen output from a LED is measured in absolute photometry (i.e. it is the total output net of ballast and fixture) whereas fluorescent & other traditional lamps & bulbs is measured in relative photometry. That means the ballast and the fixture are not taken into account.

The 110 lumens referred to above relates to the bulb/ tube alone. In absolute photometry it may reduce to as low as 50 lumens, for example, in a recessed fitting.

Always check that where lumen per watt are quoted in absolute terms.



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