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Stakehill Ltd

Stakehill Ltd are experts in design & manufacture of specialist steel pallets, stillages and racks for a diverse range of industries in UK, Europe and internationally. For over 40 years, Stakehill has been the UK’s leading manufacturer of these products supplied into automotive, construction equipment, component, glass, commercial vehicle and white goods manufacturers, as well as M.C.D, consumer retail and warehouses.

Project Objectives were to significantly improve the overall quality of lighting throughout the facility. On the factory floor there is a high proportion of precision working such that the level of lighting needed to be raised and equally important; the uniform distribution of light was crucial. In the offices, uniformity and warm white lighting with light levels meeting CIBSE was equally key.

Stakehill had looked at other LED options and selected Intelect as being best able to meet the exacting standards and deliver huge savings, fast paybacks and chose to procure the supply and install on lease finance.

Project Achievements

Factory floor lighting levels trebled

Office lighting levels raised significantly

Overall energy savings of 71%

Payback period 14 months

ROI 1,006%

Taken on lease finance, the savings pay for the project, future electricity bills and generate surplus cash of around £5,000 per annum during the lease term.

“I have been really pleased with every aspect of the project and would recommend Intelect Lighting to any company considering converting to LED Lighting”.

Gary Herd

Purchasing Manager, Stakehill Ltd