Express Cutting & Welding

Established in 1980 to fill a gap on the welding supply market and create a technically proficient company who put emphasis on customer care. Express Cutting and Welding Services offer unrivalled quality, service and price on welding equipment, consumables, safety & workwear, hand & power tools and equipment hire.

Having researched the LED market a couple of years earlier – and having been told horror stories from certain people who had installed LED lighting – Finbarr Creeney M.D. was highly sceptical. He had major concerns about product life and reliability, double-checked all our calculations and spoke to the director of a joint Customer where we had installed lighting 18 months earlier. He needed to feel 100% certain that the project would be a success.


Project Achievements

Energy savings of 77%

- Energy rating A to A++

- Payback post ECA 23 months

- ROI 2250%

29W fittings replacing twin 70W

– Very high-quality CRI showing products on display and at trade counter in true vivid colours.

““As a technically proficient company we did full due diligence on the quality, reliability and life expectancy of the fittings used.
The 77% savings were checked with our own instruments which confirmed it to be true. We looked at 3 companies and chose Intelect Lighting for their clear expertise demonstrated by their much moresuperior lighting design

Finbarr Creeney

Managing Director