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Torus LED

The Torus LED luminaire designed for installation in modular ceilings, surface mounting or Suspended. Equipped with energy-saving LED GO! panels and an evenly lit opal diffuser, providing low glare. Installation and electrical connection does not require removing the diffuser. Standard Deviation Colour Matching (SDCM): ≤3.

This luminaire is designed for indoor use in offices or general utility rooms. It can be used as the main light source and it is particularly well-suited to be used as a light source for workplaces that require low gare. The fitting’s design is suitable for mounting in 600×600 modular ceilings.

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Up to 137lm/W

Recessed, Surface, Suspended

Opal or Prismatic diffuser

24-60W Options

Min 80CRI

-15C to +35C Standard

Installation without opening the fitting

Up to 8100lm output