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Longer nights are coming

The days are getting shorter, the sun is staying low in the sky, and it’s getting darker earlier. Winter is almost here and, we hate to say it, but summer is almost certainly over (at least for this year). 

With winter approaching, businesses need to start planning for a new set of challenges that are unique to the colder months. Longer nights mean fewer daylight hours. That means less natural light is available and more artificial light is needed to keep operations running smoothly and employees safe. 

This is where LED lighting comes into its own. Read on to discover how energy-efficient LED lights can help your business this winter.

It’s Time to Prepare for Winter

It might already be cold (and it’s definitely getting darker), but there’s still time to prepare your workplace for winter. If you have a bustling warehouse that needs to be well lit or your office space is in need of some cheery lighting, LED infrastructure could be the answer.

There’s a fantastic array of benefits to be had from installing LED lighting in a commercial or industrial environment, particularly when you’re preparing and planning for longer nights:

  • LED lights are energy-efficient
  • LED lights are cost-effective
  • LED lights are brighter than traditional light bulbs
  • LED lights produce broader light coverage (they can light up even the darkest crevices)
  • LED lights can be fitted inside and outside
  • LED lights rarely need changing

Let’s take a look at these benefits in a little more detail, and see how they can help your business through the winter. 

Dark Is Dangerous

Longer nights mean less daylight. For industrial workers, that can prove to be dangerous. The Health and Safety Executive stresses that poor lighting is one of the most dangerous hazards in autumn and winter, simply because it’s harder to see where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Surrounded by heavy goods or machinery, a lack of visibility can prove to be fatal.

You can limit the chance of accidents and promote a health and safety compliant workplace by installing new LED lights in darker areas. 

Because they offer a border range of coverage and brighter light, LED lights are much safer than traditional bulbs. 

You can lower accident rates by drastically improving visibility, as it gets darker. 

It Pays to Be Prepared 

Not only will LED lighting keep your employees safe and your workplace accident-free in the darker months of the year, but LED lighting infrastructure can help you to save on energy bills.

This is one scenario where it literally pays to be prepared. Getting LED lighting set up for winter can help your business cut up to 90 % of its energy consumption. That’s a huge saving. In winter, it means you can keep your workplace lit up brighter and for longer while spending less on overheads.

Government schemes aiming to reduce carbon emissions can help you to set up energy-saving LED lighting systems while saving on your tax bill too. 

LED Lights Aren’t Just for Christmas; They’re (Almost) for Life

LED lights aren’t just efficient when it comes to energy usage; they are also incredibly self-sufficient when it comes to maintenance and repair. LED lights are marvellously long lasting and they are guaranteed to last you and your business for many winters to come.

The best LED lights can last as long as twenty years with little upkeep and only routine servicing. LED lights are reliable; they won’t blow halfway through December, leaving your warehouse shrouded in darkness. In fact, you can leave them on for 24 hours a day without worrying about them overheating. 

You’ll save money over many winters by installing LED lighting. Remember, LED lights aren’t just for Christmas; they are here to stay (and that’s a great thing).

Prepare for Longer Nights – Contact Intelect Lighting Today

Winter is on its way and longer nights are coming. It pays to be prepared for shorter days and more darkness. It’s not just your energy bills that can benefit from efficient LED lighting systems, but the health and safety of your colleagues and employees that’s at stake too. 

Act today by arranging a no-obligation survey to discover how LED lighting can help your business. Call our professional team on 01942 604191 between the hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm, or dial 07939 098705 out of hours.

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