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James Jones & Sons (Pallets & Packaging)

James Jones & Sons (Pallets and Packaging) Ltd is one of the UK’s largest pallet and packaging businesses with the capacity to manufacture up to 10 million new wooden pallets a year, while the pallet repair division handles 25 million pallets a year.

Project Objectives were to improve the quality of lighting in two manufacturing facilities and achieve energy savings in the region of 80%. Design, supply and installation of an emergency lighting solution was an additional priority.

Project Achievements

83% energy savings

303 fixtures replaced by 198

Savings of £662,000 over project lifetime

Payback period 12 months

ROI 2900%

“I was convinced that Intelect Lighting would deliver excellent lighting, but my main concern was how the installation would go. We have two very busy factories with a lot of activity including ‘heavy’ fork-lift truck traffic. Mark Garry assured me they had installed in many such facilities and he was as good as his word. The installation was completed safely and on time with little disruption to our operation. We are delighted with the quality of the new lighting”.

Mark Murphy

James Jones & Sons (Pallets & Packaging)