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Evolution LED

LED luminaire system designed for suspended and surface mounting options on walls and ceilings. Provides a combination of  high  illumination  parameters  and  functionality.  With its  slim  diameter  of  42  mm, it’s possible to  mount  in  hard-to-reach  locations.  Mounting is easy  and  quick. Due to the line lens, it is possible to adjust the fitting to different lighting requirements – three light distribution options:  90°, 60°, 30°. Colour temperature 4000K, CRI>80.

The luminaire intended for both outdoor and indoor use in industry areas and passageways. Provides good surface lighting and is perfect in situations that require eyesight concentration. Four housing sizes available. Suitable for mounting in all types of suspended ceilings (modular, plasterboard).

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Up to 121lm/W

Surface with adjustable bracket, Suspended Options

Clear diffuser


Min 80CRI

-17C to +35C Standard

30, 60, 90 Degree beam angle

Up to 3700 lm output